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Vitaly Sorkin
Vitaly is the Founder of the School and an Instructor.  He is a talented and passionate educator who wants kids to be inspired by knowledge and become self-motivated learners.  Vitaly loves to teach and has volunteered hundreds of hours teaching not only math, but also science, investing, finance and accounting, strategy and consulting, and Russian language.  He has taught kids and adults, including CEO’s and CFO’s and has designed math and analytical tests used by Fortune 1000 companies to hire personnel into elite groups.
As a long-time finance and strategy executive, Vitaly brings real life into the classroom.  He works hard to develop confidence in kids and help them tackle complexity without fear.  Vitaly wants kids to develop good learning habits, appreciate the value of hard work, and realize that many limits in life are self-imposed.
Vitaly has a special penchant for tests.  He developed a habit of crushing math tests as a kid and continued it in college.  In a memorable episode of over-studying he also crushed the uniform CPA exam in 1994 when he received the Elijah Watt Sells award for getting the highest score out of over 70,000 people that took the test in the US.
Vitaly loves reading, learning piano when he has time, playing blitz chess, and learning anything new from Philosophy to History to foreign languages.  To add to his geek credentials, he also holds a Candidate Master rating in international checkers from the former Soviet Union (he has struggled to find any worthy opposition in the US).  He spends any remaining spare time nagging his daughter to maximize her learning potential.
Vitaly holds a title/charter of CPA and CFA; he completed Harvard Business School Executive training; he holds a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Bryant University; and attended Gomel Francisk Skorina State University (Belarus, former USSR) where he studied physics.
David Griego
David is a Director of the School and an Instructor. He has over 20 years of teaching experience in both math and logic. This includes not only traditional topics from fundamentals up through calculus, but also test preparation. He was named National Teacher of the Year by the Princeton Review - an award based both on score improvement and recommendation rates.
David also has worked with youngsters as a private chess coach. His top students include a recent US representative in the World 14-and under Championship, and a National age group All-American. David himself was at one time the National Junior High School Champion, the US Junior Open Champion, and a 3-time New England Open Champion before the age of 21.
Another major field of interest for David is music, as he is a classically trained flutist. He has taught privately for over 10 years, and has performed in various chamber ensembles. While Bach and Mozart remain his all-time favorites (as evidenced by his ring tones), a special place does remain in his heart for Blondie, the Pogues, and especially the Ramones.
David holds a Sc. B. in Mathematics from Brown University, and has many pleasant and vivid memories of the wonderful teachers he’s had the privilege of studying with. This in turn has fostered an intense sense of responsibility for him to help youngsters reach their full potential in their areas of passion, and make the experience likewise memorable and joyful.
Seeta Rajpara
Seeta is an Instructor and a Program Coordinator at the School.   Seeta has a passion for teaching that started when she went on an internship abroad and taught English and Math to Nepalese students. Teaching the Nepalese children really opened her eyes and showed that the education system abroad was completely different than it is in the United States. The students showed more interest in their subjects, and that was a very humbling moment for Seeta. She went on to tutor children privately in Math and Science, as she has a true passion for these subjects.
Originally from California, Seeta has her Bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Irvine in Biological Sciences. She graduated in 2011 with honors from the university, and started doing neuroscience research for a laboratory after her graduation. Her research was primarily focused on temporal lobe epilepsy and how a certain transcription factor (protein) affected people with epilepsy. She has published three abstracts and one journal article paper on the subject matter. Her most recent work is entitled “The Transcription Factor NRSF Contributes To Epileptogenesis by Selective Repression of a Subset of Target Genes.”
Seeta is currently pursuing a PhD at Brown University, studying Biotechnology as her concentration; she also teaches high school students Chemistry and Physics at Lincoln School. Mathematics is truly the language of science and is crucial in the biotechnology field, as many engineering subjects require mastery in the subject. For example, in creating drugs to target specific organs, one needs an understanding of pharmacokinetics, which is inherently math-based. It’s important to know how the medicine molecules interact with the organs in the body, and how they clear and with what precision they clear the system.
In the future, she’d like to open up a start up Biotechnology Company in the field of endocrinology and hopefully find a therapy and cure for diabetes.  Seeta loves to travel and has made it a life-goal to travel the world. She also loves to cook, which she believes is like basically doing a chemistry experiment. 

Ryan Xu

Ryan is an Instructor at the School. Originally from Shanghai, Ryan earned his Bachelor’s degree from Cornell University in Biological Sciences with honors.  Ryan is passionate about teaching and especially about teaching students gravitating to the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).  Ryan is a firm believer that education experience must be fun and engaging, to get kids interested in the subject matter, and enable them to uncover their talents and get the best results to succeed in the future.
Ryan is currently pursuing PhD in Pathobiology, mainly studying microbiology and immunology. His research projects involve studying pulmonary viral-bacterial co-infection as well as wound healing process. Mathematics is truly the center of most scientific studies, including immunology and microbiology. Since the advent of high-throughput technologies, biomedical fields have been accumulating huge amounts of data (so-called “Big Data”) that requires researchers to have a comprehensive understanding of advanced mathematics as well as sophisticated analytic skill sets in order to interpret the data sets properly.  Ryan attributes his math training to his current success and wants to pass his knowledge to the younger generation.
His future plan is to work in academia to continue cutting-edge research with a hope of discovering and engineering more therapeutic methods for infectious diseases. Ryan enjoys outdoor activities, such as running, hiking and biking.  He loves basketball and is a part of the intramural basketball team at Brown.  He also enjoys listening to music and watching movies in his spare time.


Galina Karashchuk

Galina is an Instructor at the School. She is a biochemist and cellular biologist at Brown University and RI Hospital.  Her work focuses on understanding of molecular mechanisms of cancer gene regulation.  Her major current research focus is on the impact of cholesterol pathway proteins on cancer cells resistance to chemotherapy.

Application of analytical skills and logical thinking to complex biological problems, according to Galina, is a major key to solving those problems.  Observation and prediction help at the initial stages. Then, analysis, modeling and prediction of possible outcomes ultimately provide the answer to the functioning of the biological systems and the mechanisms of human diseases.

Galina's interest in math started at high school when she joined a special program with advanced curriculum in math and physics.  During her high school years, Galina participated in and won numerous regional and state math competitions.  This experience was important to her decision to pursue studying math and physics at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology where she earned BSc and MSc in Applied Math and Physics with Honors.

Galina holds a PhD degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.  As a mother of three kids, Galina is convinced that good math skills are crucial for harmonious development, regardless of a career path a child may choose in the future.  In her free time Galina enjoys biking, ballroom dancing, as well as spending time with her friends and family.





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