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We believe that education in general, and math education specifically, is a timeless gift and a force of good. Continuous learning starts at an early age and never stops. We are inspired by the power of education and want to do our share in helping to advance it.

We believe that child’s mind has an enormous capacity to learn and absorb information, exceeding, in fact, the average capacity of most adults. The innate ability and creativity of children is simply astonishing. When it comes to math, much of this learning capacity oftentimes goes largely untapped in our school system.

We believe that the process of transfer of knowledge is an intricate science and also an art. Its effectiveness depends not only on what the teacher knows, but more so on how effectively he/she can communicate the information to the student. We all can remember some unforgettable teachers from our lives. These teachers share some common traits: passion for their subject and for teaching, great energy and sense of humor, and the ability to distill complex subject matter into its simple essence. These are the kinds of teachers we want to have in our school.

We believe that children best learn in groups of their peers. Such environment provides motivation, competitive pressure and, at the same time, a support system. Students “feed” on each other’s energy and create a combined momentum that is greater than sum of the parts. They challenge each other and they thrive and grow together at a faster speed.

We believe in “white board” time for students, which is under-used or not used at all in the US math education system. Asking a student to solve a problem on a white board in front of the class is both an opportunity for the student to showcase his/her achievements as well as a positive reinforcement mechanism.

And finally, we believe in high standards, both in terms of setting high expectations for students, as well as for the quality of our program. In U.S. today, it would be too easy to create an incredibly successful math program that was in fact pretty mediocre. There are simply not many good options for parents and students out there. We want to ensure that our program is excellent in absolute, not just in relative terms. We think this way: “Even if MIT opened a math program next door, we want our program to compare well and be competitive with MIT”

"My son loves the classes, he literally waits all week for Saturday to arrive so he can go to the math class!"

Parent of Squared School student

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