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Results = f (Time + Effort)

It should not be a surprise that the benefit gained from our program is directly proportional to the time and effort invested.
We expect parents and students to approach our program as they would approach any other important after-school activity – this is an investment in your child’s future.

We welcome students to try our program, and in fact, noticeable improvement is possible after 4-6 months. The key is to sustain it and build on it, so it is invariable that parents and students that take a long-term view of our program will get the maximum benefit from it.


Missing a class in unavoidable. Our program is modularized with any particular topic covered over several sessions, so missing a class does not mean the student will have a hard time catching up. Homework is typically available online, and students are expected to attempt the homework even if they have missed a class. However, missing several classes, especially several classes in a row, can cause the student to fall behind. We expect that parents and students will take attendance very seriously, and will make every effort to attend every class. On time arrival and pick up are also important (and we reserve the right to assess fees for those parents who are repeatedly late for pick up)


Homework is tantamount to religion is our program. We insist and expect 100% homework return, no exceptions. (We don’t expect 100% accuracy, but do expect an honest attempt to answer all homework questions). Students will find that, unlike their regular school homework, they won’t be able to do our homework “on the fly”, and will need to dedicate quiet time when they can fully engage their brains without distractions. Being able to solve problems by yourself is when it all clicks in math.

We recommend that students spend some time every day (or every other day) doing a part of their homework and that they start shortly after their class so the material is still fresh in their heads. From time to time, we will give students breaks from homework, especially prior to tests, so that they can review all of the material being tested.

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