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Our mission at the Squared School is to unlock the math potential of your child. Our objective is to provide one of the best programs in mathematics in the United States to kids from Kindergarten to High School level, and to contribute to improving of the overall level of math education in the US.

Called the “poetry of logical ideas” by Einstein, mathematics possesses infinite beauty and complexity. Our knowledge of mathematics comes from the centuries of discoveries of the laws of nature by the brightest minds of the humankind. Mathematics permeates every sphere of our life from science, to art, to music, to workplace. Its awesome power is behind most modern inventions that are improving quality of our lives.

Math is a necessity for every educated person, an edge in the competitive global economy, and a gift that will broaden the mind’s horizons. And we want to share this gift with your child by inviting him or her on this exciting journey of discovery.

Are you brave enough to come along?

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